America's 10 Fastest Growing Private Companies

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Greg Sanders, CEO and Founder
Elk Grove, Calif.

No. 10
2011 Revenue: $14.2 million
Three-Year Growth: 10,237%

Cartagz was founded in 2005 to take the pain out of going to the DMV. CEO Greg Sanders says his company has been successful simply because it’s the only game in town. "There is no other thing like Cartagz," he says. The fees Cartagz collects for services like renewing a user’s registration or paying parking tickets makes it slightly more expensive than going to the DMV, but many find it well worth it. More than 40% of visitors to the website end up buying Cartagz services. The site had just less than 25,000 customers in 2009. By the end of 2012, Sanders expects to have completed 750,000 transactions for the year.