The Best Entrepreneurship Courses in America

MIT, Joe Hadzima
Donna Coveney/MIT
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Nuts and Bolts of a Business Plan, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Attracting high school students, undergraduate engineering majors, and MBAs, this six-session course drills down the basics of how to write a successful business plan no matter what your background. MIT’s Joe Hadzima, a managing director of Main Street Partners, a venture development and technology commercialization firm in Cambridge, Massachusetts, has taught the class for the past 20 years by. He brings successful and not so successful entrepreneurs to the classroom to explain the basics of building a business plan from the ground up. “If you get the right people, define their tasks, and then get the hell out of their way, great things will happen,” Hadzima says. Most of the easy-to-follow course materials are available for free online, and visitors are always welcome to sit in on the class.